Custom Ceramic Components for Electronics: Improving the size, performance, and reliability of their products, manufacturers and designers of electronic equipment, look to us to help them achieve their goals.

Semiconductor-Grade Ceramics Enable Future Electronics

Engineered advanced ceramics enable clean, consistent wafer processing, front-end semiconductor fabrication, and back-end chip packaging. Perhaps the most impactful invention in modern history, the transistor is at the core of semiconductor devices. It has dramatically transformed virtually every industry while helping spawn many new ones. Today’s microchips can contain over a billion transistors and are improving our [...]

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Modern Ceramics Help Advance Technology

"Many important electronic devices used by people today would be impossible without the use of ceramics. Ceramics advance technology; a new study illustrates the use of ceramic materials in the development of technological devices, including mobile communication and ultrasonic imaging." "Researchers led by Paul Muralt of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology reviewed the field [...]

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